Matias, 5, with his brother

Sign Up for Shine Forward With Dravet

Families with Dravet are some of the strongest. But even the strongest of families need support. By signing up for Shine Forward With Dravet, you’ll get helpful resources. This includes support and inspiration from other parents and caregivers, plus the Seizure Planning Tool.

The Seizure Planning Tool is a great way for you to make a plan with your child without Dravet syndrome so they know what to do when their brother or sister has a seizure. We encourage you to use the Seizure Planning Tool to help you understand how your child feels when a seizure happens. That way you can create a plan that’s specific to how they feel.

The Seizure Planning Tool was developed with input from the Dravet syndrome community, and it can help you get the conversation started. Having these conversations with siblings can help reduce the stress and anxiety they could be feeling due to their brother or sister’s seizures. As soon as you sign up, you can download this tool and start creating a plan with your family together.

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