Giovanni, 4, with his family

Family stories

In the videos below, caregivers speak about their loved ones affected by Dravet syndrome, and share their tips, advice, and reflections on day-to-day life.

Giovanni, 4, with his family

Meet Danitza and Giovanni

Danitza shares that a strong support system has helped her navigate her son Giovanni’s daily life.

Meet Melanie and Rosie

Melanie reflects on how grateful she is that her child Rosie has become the center of her world.

Meet Erin and Mia

Erin celebrates her daughter Mia’s growing independence and success as a teenager living with Dravet syndrome.

We don’t know what the path is for each of our kids, but there's so much out there now with research, treatments, and more awareness. The sky is the limit.

—Erin, mom of Mia, age 16

Read advice from other caregivers on self-care, support, finances, and more.

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